AFC 330 – Automated Fundus Camera

Introducing the new AFC-330, a 40-year pedigree of research and development that redefines the science of non-mydriatic fundus cameras. Combined quantum leaps in operator and patient interface, simplicity, automation, and total practice efficiencies, make this instrument a revolutionary advancement in retinal imaging.
Nidek is universally recognized as one of the largest manufacturers of ophthalmic products with a diverse range of diagnostic and surgical devices. Since its inception, Nidek has been expanding the boundaries of vision science and continues to maintain its place as an innovator in the industry. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is only exceeded by their dedication in providing patients with the highest level of eye care possible.
Founded in Gamagori, Japan in 1971, Nidek continues to be a global leader in research and development, design, manufacture, and distribution of ophthalmic equipment.
The United States subsidiary, based in Silicon Valley, California, provides sales and service for ophthalmic lasers, refractive lasers, and many advanced diagnostic devices.


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