Optos introduces its latest ultra-widefield (uWF™) imaging device, California, designed to be customizable for use in multiple eyecare settings.
With this new device, Optos now offers ultra-widefield indocyanine green angiography (icg) in combination with:
– Composite color
– Red-free
– Autofluorescence (af)
– Fluorescein angiography (fa)
Images are now presented in ProView™ which displays optomap in a consistent geometry that accurately represents anatomical features in the retina. Further, ProView enables automatic image registration for tracking over time and inter-modality image comparison.
The new optical design optimizes and maintains resolution of the optomap images throughout the scan of the retina resulting in more clarity in the far periphery.
Image overlay enables comparison between composite color images and red-free, af, fa, or icg images. Additionally, comparisons can be made between different images or different dates by scrolling through all stored images from the current or prior visit.

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