TxCell™ Scanning Laser
Delivery System
High Versatility for Higher Volume

Versatile Platform for Advanced Retinal Therapy
The TxCell Scanning Slit Lamp Adapter adds the use of multi-spot pattern scanning when coupled to
the IQ 532TM or IQ 577TM laser. In one platform, growing practices can offer:

– Multi-spot pattern scanning for efficient pan retinal photocoagulation
– Standard photocoagulation with optimized wavelengths: IQ 532 and true-yellow IQ 577
– Confluent laser patterns for tissue-sparing MicroPulseTM protocols

Workflow Efficiency
– Predictability in laser spot placement for both standard photocoagulation and MicroPulse protocols
– High speed pulse durations for efficient laser delivery
– Modular design for intra-office portability

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